Services & FunctionsMetal One handles a broad range of steel products worldwide.

Metal One responds to diverse customer needs and environmental changes with enhanced market-oriented strategies and trading-company capabilities through business organization that is organized by category based on demand. The company provides steel products in an optimal, streamlined, and stable manner and offers production, processing, distribution, and other functions and services.
As an integrated steel trading company and a leader in steel distribution, Metal One guarantees that it will be the customer’s strongest partner thanks to its ties to steel manufacturers and the distribution industry as well as its two shareholding firms and approximately 140 domestic and overseas Group companies.

Functions 01Support through a Global Network

Utilizing an international network built up through trading company activities, Metal One collects and accumulates comprehensive information on the global metal market and political and economic factors. Based on such information, Metal One provides unique and diverse services that include consulting, finance, and IT solutions in addition to operational functions, such as Group distribution, stocking, and processing. With our extensive capabilities, we help our customers develop markets overseas, establish production systems in foreign countries, invest in new businesses, and engage in other activities that develop an infrastructure for global operations.

Functions 02Proposing New Business Models through Revamped Value Chains

We are trying to renovate and expand value chains by seeking to optimize the whole process of selling, distributing, stocking, manufacturing and processing steel products from the customer's point of view and with due consideration for the trends and needs of the entire marketplace, from sources upstream in the steel and metal markets down to end users and in peripheral, related markets. While offering solutions that closely correspond to customers' individual needs and high value-added products, we are repositioning our operations to respond to new types of demand that we have identified, and are continuing to propose business models that generate profits.

BusinessMetal One’s Business Organization

Metal One handles a broad range of steel products worldwide.