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SW Height-Adjustable Desks at Metal One Featured on TV From Value One, Autumn 2017 No. 58
Metal One has installed Okamura Corporation’s height-adjustable SW desks at our Tokyo Headquarters, the Osaka Branch and other locations. These desks have become a hot topic and received heavy coverage on TV. Crews from Nippon TV and TV Asahi visited our Tokyo Headquarters to report on the desks in July and August, and the footage they took was shown on three different programs.

Nippon TV showcased the SW desks on Zoom in!! Saturday and The Most Useful School in the World on Saturday, August 5. Zoom in!! Saturday covered them as part of a special on corporate efforts to reform ways of working, and popular young announcer Gido Tsujioka visited the company to interview employees.

On August 22, TV Asahi provided details about the harmful effects that sitting for long periods has on health on Shinichi Hatori’s Morning Show. Metal One was featured as an example of companies that have adopted height-adjustable desks.

Television crew interviewing Metal One employees
Okamura Corporation began selling height-adjustable SW desks in January 2015—a first for domestic office furniture manufacturers. Using the April 2015 headquarters relocation as an opportunity, Metal One and Group companies sharing the building installed around a thousand of them. The Osaka Branch installed 200 in July 2016, the Akasaka Office 150 in June 2017, and Metal One China 80 in July 2017, for a total of around 1,430—one of the highest totals among domestic corporations.

(Corporate Planning Department)

Domestic Tubular Product Business Merger Discussions Start with Sumitomo Corporation From Value One, Autumn 2017 No. 58
Metal One agreed to begin talks with the Sumitomo Corporation Group about the possibility of merging our domestic tubular product businesses. The goal is to mobilize the business resources the two groups have built up in the domestic tubular product market—which is changing rapidly—and to ensure sustainable growth by using their full combined group strength. An integration discussion committee is working through the details.

(Corporate Planning Department)

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