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Steel Products Shipped Out for Brazilian Oilfield Development Project From Value One, Autumn 2014 No.46

Metal One and JFE Steel Corporation Meet First Order for JFE-UHP-17CR-110 Pipe

Metal One and JFE Steel Corporation have fulfilled their first order for JFE-UHP-17CR-110 oil well casing pipe from Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. (hereinafter Petrobras), Brazil's national oil company. The 280 tonnes of pipe are destined for use in the oilfield development project Petrobras is undertaking off the coast of Brazil.

JFE Steel manufactured the steel pipes with walls measuring 13.84 mm (0.54 inches) in thickness and 24.44 cm (9.625 inches) in external diameter. The pipes were produced at and shipped from JFE's Chita Works.

Petrobras intends to extract crude oil from underneath a sub-salt layer lying three to four thousand meters under the bottom of a seabed basin off the Brazilian coast. This layer, known as a pre-salt layer, is a highly corrosive environment for which ultra-high-grade extremely anti-corrosive material known as duplex stainless steel was previously used in large volumes. JFE-UHP-17CR-110, developed by JFE Steel, has even greater corrosion resistance than JFE-UHP-15CR, an earlier product featuring great strength and high-temperature performance. The new pipe product is also expected to prove more advantageous in cost and delivery schedule than duplex stainless steel.

This first Petrobras order reflects the client's respect for JFE's long history of supplying high-grade steel oil well pipes for use in diverse oil field and gas field development projects worldwide, as well as the reliability of the supplier's foremost steel pipe manufacturing technology and product quality. We will continue our emphatic efforts to expand our sales by utilizing the powerful network in South America, including the shareholder company.

(Energy Project International Business Department)
Location of pre-salt producing area


Taking Over a Canadian Energy Tubular Distributor From Value One, Autumn 2014 No.46

To Meet Growing Demand for Steel Pipes

In July 2014, Metal One acquired a 90 percent equity stake in Cantak Corporation, a distributor of energy tubulars located in western Canada. Founded in 1953, Cantak Corporation has been wholesaling oil well and line pipes manufactured in many different parts of the world.

Outline of Cantak Corporation
Company name: Cantak Corporation
Address: Calgary City, Province of Alberta, Canada
Representative: Allan Cheng
Number of employees: Approx. 20
Main businesses: Sales of oil well and line pipes
Business size: 139 million Canadian dollars in FY2013 (approx. ¥13.2 billion)

Energy demand is expanding globally, and the need for steel pipes for use in energy production and supply to both domestic and international users is expected to increase in western Canada as well. Working together with Cantak to reliably supply high-quality energy-related steel pipes, we aim to help further develop the Canadian energy industry. In addition, we intend to appropriately address technical and cost problems posed to our clients by making integral use of Cantak's experience in the oil and gas industry, our global network, and the know-how of our technical service sector.

(Energy Project International Business Department)

Helping Establish a Steel Wire Production Base in Mexico for Cold Heading From Value One, Autumn 2014 No.46

To Meet Rapid Rise in Local Demand for Auto-Related Steel

Metal One helped launch Kobelco CH Wire Mexicana, S.A. de C.V. (KCHM)—a joint venture with Shinsho Corporation, Kobe Steel, Ltd. and others—to manufacture and sell steel wire for cold heading (CH) in Mexico. The new company will make CH wire for use as basic materials for fasteners and cold-forged components for automotive use, and sell the products mainly to automotive parts manufacturers in Mexico. Using an initial investment of approximately ¥4.3 billion, the new business will build a factory in Guanajato State in Central Mexico, where Japanese parts manufacturers have located. The plant is scheduled to go online toward the end of 2015.

Outline of New Company
Company name: Kobelco CH Wire Mexicana, C.V. (KCHM)
Address: Santa Fe Industrial Park, Silao City, Guanajato State, Mexico
President: Mitsufumi Konishi
Capital: Approx. ¥1.2 billion (Shinsho 40%; Metal One 25%; Kobe Steel 10%; Osaka Seiko Ltd. 10%; Grupo Simec, S.A.B. de C.V. 10%; O&K American Corporation 5%)
Number of employees: Approx. 80 (when fully operational)
Main businesses: Manufacture and sales of CH wire
Production capacity: Approx. 40,000 tonnes/year
Main equipment: Wire drawing machines, pickling equipment, heat treatment furnaces

The annual automobile output of Mexico has greatly expanded, from 1.5 million vehicles in 2009 to 2.93 million by 2013, and a steady increase is expected. Reflecting this rising demand, automotive components manufacturers affiliated with Japanese companies are establishing bases in the country one after another, promising a significant increase in CH wire demand in Mexico. That is particularly true for locally available CH wire with high-grade surface finishes appropriate for the production of bolts and nuts. The new joint venture's capability to deliver high-quality CH wire under short lead times will contribute to greater satisfaction of the needs of auto parts manufacturers based in Mexico.

(Wire & Specialty Steel Department)

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