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Former South America CRO Masakazu Okamura Speaks From Value One Summer 2012 No.37

Executive Recounts His Business Experiences in Brazil

Mr. Okamura offers his insights on Brazil
Former Metal One executive officer and chief regional officer (CRO) for South America Masakazu Okamura, currently the corporate auditor of Metal One Specialty Steel Corporation, spoke at Tokyo headquarters on May 10 about the business environment of South America, where he was posted for about three years. Mr. Okamura attracted such a large crowd that the event's organizers asked him to give his talk twice, demonstrating the audience's keen interest in fast-growing South America.

Mr. Okamura was assigned to São Paolo, Brazil, from April 2009 until March 2012. He made vital contributions to several projects, including the establishment of Soluções em Aço Usiminas S.A. (Solutions Usiminas), a joint steel service center with Usinas Siderurgicas de Minas Gerais S.A. (Usiminas). He also gained firsthand experience with South America's manufacturing industry and steel industry through Metal One's own bases and business investment affiliates in Brazil and Colombia.

Mr. Okamura described the economic and social conditions in Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, and other South American nations. In particular, he noted the fast-growing domestic demand in Brazil since 2011, and how the peaking value of its currency, the real, over the last decade had brought a rapid rise in imports of automobiles and steel products, among other products.

Looking back on his three-year business life in Brazil, Mr. Okamura said: "I keenly noticed ever-faster changes in society and business. Even in such a changing world, however, encounters with people were so meaningful, and I learned so much from them. I ask you to seek out similar good encounters during your activities."

(Strategy & Coordination Department)

Nanchang SC Starts Operation From Value One Summer 2012 No.37

First Japan-Affiliated Steel Service Center in the City

The Nanchang SC inauguration ceremony


Outline of the New Company
Name: Nanchang An Yu Da Co., Ltd.
Location: Baishui Hu Industrial Park, Nanchang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, China
Representative: Wan Chun Cui, director and general manager
Capitalization: 50 million RMB (Metal One: 25 percent; Shanghai An Hu Trading Co., Ltd.: 45 percent; and Shanghai Shiny Investment Co., Ltd.: 30 percent)
Number of employees: 46
Line of business: Processing and sales of steel sheets
Metal One has an equity stake of 25 percent in Nanchang An Yu Da Co., Ltd. (Nanchang SC), a steel service center in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, China. The first Japan-affiliated steel service center in the city, Nanchang SC began full-fledged operations after its inauguration ceremony in December 2011. The center will supply slit steel sheets on a just-in-time basis to Japanese and Chinese electrical machinery manufacturers operating in the Nanchang area.

The launch was celebrated in style, and Mr. Naomi Sakaguchi—former managing executive officer and chief regional officer (China), currently senior advisor—and Mr. Yoshihisa Miyamoto, general manager of the Products for Electrical Industries & Steel Sheet Department, were among the many guests.

Situated in inland China, Nanchang is both Jiangxi Province's capital city and its biggest industrial center. This regional advantage has recently resulted in an increasing number of manufacturers shifting their bases from coastal areas to Nanchang in pursuit of less expensive labor. In this connection, the new company can not only expect domestic demand from inland China but also orders from a growing number of Japanese companies setting up here.

(Products for Electrical Industries & Steel Sheet Department)


National Staff Receive Training in Financial and Corporate Affairs From Value One Summer 2012 No.37

Twenty-Four Overseas Staff Members Take Part

Metal One's Core National Staff (Administration) Training Program, designed for Japanese-speaking national staff members, recently drew 24 participants from Metal One offices and business investment affiliates in China, Taiwan, and Singapore.

The program, which lasted from March 21 through 23 and took place mostly at Metal One's Tokyo headquarters, included a tour of Isuzu Chuo Corporation's Yamato Service Center—the participants' first glimpse of a Japanese steel service center—as well as lectures on such topics as financial and legal affairs, accounting, and internal controls. On the final day the trainees were divided into groups to discuss how administration should be handled in each region, among other themes, and later presented their respective action plans to President Matsuoka and other executives.

The Human Resources & General Affairs Department regularly holds training sessions in Japan for national staff members engaged in sales or administration, arranged by the Global Human Resources Development Unit. Diverse programs are offered in Japanese and English and targeted to different levels, from middle management to upper-level executives.

(Human Resources & General Affairs Department)

Metal One Rus Launched From Value One Summer 2012 No.37

Meeting Rising Demand from the Natural Resource and Auto Industries

President Matsuoka speaking at the launch celebration

Outline of MORUS
Name: Limited Liability Company Metal One Rus (MORUS)
Capitalization: 70 million rubles (approx. ¥210 million)
Headquarters: Moscow
Representative: Satoshi Endo (to be succeeded by Hiroki Yamaguchi at the end of July 2012)
Number of employees: 13
Line of business: Sales, export, and import of steel products
A ceremony was held on June 5 to celebrate the launch of Limited Liability Company Metal One Rus (MORUS), the first subsidiary Metal One has set up in the Russian Federation. Headquartered in Moscow, MORUS has a staff of 13, including both Japanese and national staff, and will engage in extensive steel trading with the 12 member-nations of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), including Russia.

The apparent steel consumption in the CIS last year is estimated at some 52 million tonnes, up 7.5 percent over the preceding year. Russia in particular is a major power in the natural resources sector, including many energy-related projects such as pipeline construction. Foreign-funded automakers, including Japanese companies, are also establishing their presence in this country. In addition, big athletic events such as the Sochi Olympic Winter Games in 2014 and the FIFA World Cup soccer tournament in 2018 are coming up, with both expected to help boost the demand for steel.

Against this background, MORUS is authorized to engage in ruble-based deals, domestic transactions, sales on credit, and inventory sales. The company will cooperate with the Russian offices of Metal One's two shareholding companies to mobilize the potential of the whole Metal One Group needed to meet the brisk steel demand from the Russian and CIS markets.

(Strategy & Coordination Department)

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