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Inauguration Ceremony Held in Vietnam From Value One Autumn 2010 No. 30

Steel Pipe Pile Manufacturing Joint Venture with Nippon Steel Corporation

Inauguration ceremony (Fourth from right, Mr. Keiichiro Domen)
Mr. Tetsuo Suzuki makes a toast.
Nippon Steel Pipe Vietnam Co., Ltd.(NPV)
General director: Toshitaka Kogiso
Location: Phu My II Industrial Zone, Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province
Capital: $15 million (Nippon Steel: 51%; Metal One: 20%; Vietnam Steel Corporation: 10%; others: 19%)
Number of employees: Approx. 150
Main equipment: One spiral pipe mill, etc.
Product lines: Steel pipe piles, steel pipe sheet piles, etc.
Production capacity: 5,000 tonnes/month
Start of operation: May 2011 (scheduled)

A ceremony to celebrate the inauguration of Nippon Steel Pipe Vietnam Co., Ltd. (NPV)—a Vietnamese manufacturer of steel pipe piles and steel pipe sheet piles jointly set up by Nippon Steel Corporation, Metal One, Vietnam Steel Corporation (the only national steel corporation in Vietnam), and others—was held on July 13 in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. It was an auspicious event with the attendance of some 100 people, including Japanese and Vietnamese government officials and celebrities from universities and steel-consuming industries. Metal One was represented on this occasion by Tetsuo Suzuki, division COO of Business Division C; Keiichiro Domen, general manager of the Global Marketing for Construction Products Department; Yutaka Yamashita, general manager of the Hanoi Liaison Office; Masao Fujimura, general manager of the Ho Chi Minh City Liaison Office; and others.

The joint venture will produce steel pipe piles and steel pipe sheet piles for civil engineering use in Vietnam, where many big civil engineering projects are planned and, accordingly, a rising demand for such steel products is expected. It will be Nippon Steel's first overseas production base for construction steel. Metal One will begin its role in the new business by concentrating on export and domestic (Vietnam) sales of steel products.

In Vietnam, many public works projects are planned, including the development of ports and construction of roads, railways, and power stations. At present, concrete accounts for the majority of basic materials used in civil engineering projects in Vietnam, whose annual demand for cement is some 50 million tonnes, well over Japan's 40 million tonnes. Foundation pillars in civil engineering projects use a large volume of concrete piles too, but from now on the use of steel pipe piles and steel pipe sheet piles, which are lighter and stronger as well as easier to handle when long piles are required, is expected to increase.

(Global Marketing for Construction Products Department)


President Matsuoka Visits China to Attend Block Conference From Value One
Autumn 2010 No. 30

The President Talks with Partner Companies Also

The China block conference

President Matsuoka tours the mill of Shandong Iron & Steel.

President & CEO Naoto Matsuoka visited China from June 27 through 30. In addition to attending the China block conference in Beijing, he visited Shandong Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd., which has a tie-up with Metal One and is the sixth biggest steel manufacturer in China, and Minmetals Steel Co., Ltd., a project partner in a joint venture.

At the China block conference, representatives of business bases and business investment affiliates gathered and reported on the progress of their efforts to achieve targets for FY2010. Also, they discussed priority measures and their orientations for the future.

President Matsuoka briefed participants on the third Mid-term Consolidated Management Plan and told them, "Changes in the business environment in China are the fastest in the world. It is extremely important for business bases to maintain close collaboration with the affiliates we are investing in."

At Shandong Iron & Steel, President Matsuoka had talks with Chairman Zou Zhongchen; Mr. Chen Xiangyang, deputy general manager; and others and toured the mill of Jinan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., which is under the wing of Shandong Iron & Steel. During his talks with the Chinese top executives, President Matsuoka told them, "We operate various steel processing businesses in Japan and overseas, and we would like to utilize the knowledge and experience we have gained through these businesses in our collaboration with your company in the Chinese market." Metal One entered into a strategic comprehensive partnership with Shandong Iron & Steel in March 2010 and plans to collaborate with the company in domestic sales and new market development in China.

At Minmetals Steel, President Matsuoka met President Yao Ziping, Vice President Jing Shili, and others to discuss the business development of Minmetals Steel Wuhan Co., Ltd., a joint-venture company, and further talked about the prospects of entering the steel processing industry. President Matsuoka expressed his keen hope for future collaboration by saying, "We have assigned the best of our young employees to this joint project and would like to ask for additional support from your side." Minmetals Steel Wuhan, a steel product sales company that was set up in 2005, is planning to develop a steel processing business at the next stage of its growth.

(Global Strategy & Coordination Department)

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