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March 26, 2009
Okamura Corporation
NTT DATA Corporation
Okamura Corporation and NTT DATA Jointly Develop Secure Cabinet and
Room Access Control System Incorporating [u:ma]-G® Card Reader

—Control access to office cabinets using existing IC cards—

Okamura Corporation (President: Kazuyoshi Hisamatsu; Head office: Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa prefecture) and NTT DATA Corporation (President and CEO: Toru Yamashita; Head office: Koto-ku, Tokyo) have jointly developed two security products incorporating the multi-IC-card reader/writer [u:ma]-G®* usable with multiple IC cards. Rectline-typeNT is a secure cabinet, while CYBER STREAM II is a room access control system. Both products went on sale today, March 26, 2009.

Rectline-typeNT is a networked cabinet control system, with separate access privilege control for individual cabinet compartments, mandatory witnessed authentication setting, and schedule-based authentication setting. CYBER STREAM II is a system that can be introduced easily, requiring no specialized software, for preventing unauthorized entry and information leaks. Taking advantage of the [u:ma]-G® reader/writer, both systems support multiple types of employee cards. Moreover, setup such as that for linking the system with the employee number scheme requires no customization. Customers can introduce both a room access control system and secure cabinet system quickly and at low cost, for use with their existing employee cards. A target of 300 million yen in combined sales of the two systems has been set for fiscal 2009.

In this networked cabinet control system, access privileges can be set for individual cabinet compartments. Authentication setting can be made to require the presence of two witnesses, and can be tied to a time schedule. Moreover, up to 256 sites can be managed in one software program. (See Figure 1.)

Figure 1. Rectline-typeNT


·Room access control system CYBER STREAM II
This room access control system is operated from a Web browser interface, supporting central management of up to 256 remote sites.
The ability to perform management from a Web browser means no dedicated software is required, simplifying system introduction and use. A full array of control functions prevent unauthorized access and ensure against information leaks. (See Figure 2 and Figure 3.)


Figure 3. CYBER STREAM II system configuration


Combined sales target in first fiscal year: 300 million yen
Start of sales: March 26, 2009

*Multi-IC-card reader/writer [u:ma]-G®
An IC card reader/writer supporting multiple IC card types (ISO/IEC 14443 Type B and FeliCa [including SSFC and FCF]). Differences between the cards of each customer are absorbed by intelligent functions in the reader/writer, translating each card type to a common format before passing the information up to a higher system level.
Use of [u:ma]-G® means that IC cards of multiple formats can be used at the same time, with minimal setup needed. The customization costs and lead time for introducing an access control system and secure cabinet are greatly reduced. These are major advantages of the systems introduced here.

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