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June 20, 2003
Metal One Refashions EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) System
for Our Customers' Coil Centers

-- Start of Operation Using "Common EDI Center for Coil Centers" as the Relay Point --

Metal One Corporation (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Masashi Mizutani) is continuing the work of integrating and reconstructing the individual transaction-processing information systems operated through the host computers of its parent companies, Mitsubishi Corporation and Nissho Iwai Corporation. As part of this work, the EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) system which links steel sheet transactions to the coil centers was renovated, and now operations overall have started using the "Common EDI Center for Coil Centers" (Japan Coil Center Association) as the relay point.

At approx. 20 coil centers, Metal One set up EDI systems that control data such as invoices and payments, and for individual information such as orders from steel mills and shipping items. More efficient system operation is aimed at by promoting standardization in each information sector through integrating and refashioning the system, and also by having a "Common EDI Center for Coil Centers" to send and receive data for transmission.

The "Common EDI Center for Coil Centers" is an open EDI center of the "common use type" (with operations experimentally started in 2003) whose purpose is promoting the effective use of EDI between member coil centers (122 firms) of the Japan Coil Center Association and their customers (users, trading companies, steel mills, etc.). The center is dealing with various formulas for data transmission, protocols, conversion to individual formats based on the standard format for steel EDI, and so on, with the business objective of realizing efficient and economical operation of EDI as the relay hub between multiple companies on the one side, and likewise, multiple companies on the other. Metal One decided that the centralization of information at the EDI Center will promote more effective use of EDI at the coil centers of our customers; in conjunction with the current integration/reconstruction efforts, the various functions provided by the center can be utilized to the fullest.

Furthermore, in May, Metal One started operation of the "Σ(Sigma)" Standard Backbone System for Coil Centers as the system for the group and partner coil centers. The EDI connection is included as the standard equipment for use of the "Common EDI Center for Coil Centers."

As a result of the integration and reconstruction of the EDI system, our customers are assured of a continuous and smooth connection to information on the issue and acceptance of orders for steel products from users such as automobile and electric appliance manufacturers and on the delivery time of raw materials to steel manufacturers, mainly steel mills with blast furnaces. Since Metal One and group coil centers function as the pivot for smoother operations, the infrastructure for information will improve, and reinforce the supply chain management (SCM) capabilities of the group as a whole.

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