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Promoting Safety and Health
Metal One deploys the full capabilities of the Metal One Group to improve customer satisfaction levels in Japan and other countries, abiding by our corporate credo and goal of becoming the world’s top steel trading company.

We know it is vital to ensure safe, healthy, comfortable workplace environments for all our executives and employees—our company’s most essential assets—including those at our Group companies. Everyone must feel secure and valued if we are to continue our corporate efforts.

The Metal One Group is united in pursuing specific measures to eliminate work-related accidents within the Group. We seek to ensure that the safety and health activities Group companies pursue are as effective as possible.

We are paying special attention to compliance and the global environment as we strive to become an enduring, unrivaled corporate group that contributes to society and has the respect of the public. At the same time, we seek to create the safest, most comfortable workplace environments and eliminate work-related accidents and injuries by reducing workplace risks. We also promptly share information about work-related accidents, and conduct safety and health training in accordance with the Group’s safety and health philosophy and the guidelines offered below.

Safty Policy
Our Safety and Health Philosophy
All executives and employees at Metal One Corporation and our Group affiliates will carry out safety and health efforts designed to ensure safe, healthy, comfortable working environments where personnel can feel secure as they work.

Safety and Health Guidelines
1. We will comply with all laws and regulations related to safety and health, other relevant laws, and our corporate rules.
2. We will maintain organizations to supervise safety and health, and augment them to ensure that we are making effective efforts related to safety and health.
3. We endeavor to ensure that all Group employees, subcontractors and other relevant personnel know about and understand our Group safety and health guidelines.
4. We promote good communication, such as promptly sharing information about work-related accidents that occur within the Group, and roll out measures to prevent recurrences and occurrences of similar accidents.
5. We regularly conduct the training required to ensure the safety and health of all employees.

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