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Safety and Health Promotion
Safty Policy

In line with our corporate principles—global citizenship, honesty and virtue, and aspirations and creativity—we at Metal One and its Group companies are united in our efforts to become the world’s strongest integrated steel trading company, and to constantly strive to enhance the satisfaction levels of our customers and business partners both in Japan and overseas. As part of those efforts, we recognize that it is vital to ensure healthy, comfortable working environments where all of our Group’s employees—our most valuable corporate assets—can work safely and securely.

To eliminate work-related accidents at Group companies and ensure that the activities Group companies pursue to promote safety and health are as effective as possible, we have reorganized the Metal One Safety and Health Promotion Committee. We are creating an environment in which the entire Group can implement specific policies in these areas.

As we strive to become an enduring and unrivaled corporate group that contributes to society and is respected by the public, we will devote attention to compliance and the global environment. At the same time, we will actively strive to eliminate work-related accidents by reducing workplace risks, promptly sharing information about work-related accidents, and conducting safety and health training in accordance with the Group safety and health principle and safety and health guidelines indicated below. We hereby publicly declare our intention to create workplace environments that are as safe and comfortable as we can make them.

Group Safety and Health Principle
The Metal One Group will carry out safety and health efforts designed to ensure healthy, comfortable working environments so that all Group employees—our most vital corporate assets—can work safely and securely.

Group Safety and Health Guidelines
1. Obey laws and regulations related to safety and health, as well as other relevant laws and our corporate rules.
2. Maintain and enhance an organization for safety and health to promote safety and health efforts.
3. Ensure that all Group employees, subcontractors, and other relevant personnel are aware of and knowledgeable about our Group safety and health guidelines.
4. Strive for good communications, promptly share information among the Group companies regarding work-related accidents, including the countermeasures needed to prevent the occurrence of similar incidents.
5. Conduct continuous training as required to ensure safety and health.

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