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During what has been nicknamed the "lost decade" after the economic bubble burst in the 1990s, crude steel production continued to slump in Japan due to declining demand and increased competition worldwide. Restructuring and consolidation that were intended to ensure survival in the global market proceeded as the new millennium began, and steel distribution was forced to adapt or die.
With a strong sense of urgency and recognition that their businesses would not be viable under their current structure, the steel product business divisions of Mitsubishi Corporation and Nissho Iwai Corporation (now Sojitz Corporation) believed that it was essential to split off and merge to create a solid platform and enhance capacity and capabilities. As a result, the two divisions established a new company, Metal One Corporation, in January 2003.

At its launch, Metal One outlined a vision worthy of a flag bearer of steel distribution reforms, acting as a "Metal Market Maker," i.e., one that creates markets to foster the metal industry growth. In our mission to achieve that vision, we outlined the Metal Value Optimizer, which coordinates and reforms metal markets through overall optimization.
The backbone of our company, a three-part corporate philosophy that we adopted in January 2007, preceded the vision and mission statements. The phrase "Global Citizen" describes what we aspire to be; "Honesty and Virtue" indicates the standards we strive for; and "Aspirations and Creativity" expresses our everyday attitude and conduct.

Using the aforementioned history and visions as a guideline, Metal One creates supply chains and value chains that link steel manufacturers and consumers, acting as a good global citizen and a reliable partner to customers, possessing market-oriented insights, and employing the Group's capabilities to the fullest.
Moreover, we regularly reorganize and revise our functions and business models, always demonstrating the functions of a trading company effectively in new and changing business environments and paradigm shifts, and contribute to the sustained development of the metal industry.
We have chosen an entirely new corporate name, Metal One, to express the spirit of the challenges of:
Joining two organizations with different cultures and histories into one and having all our employees strive together
Our lofty goal of becoming number one not only numerically, but also in terms of capabilities, services, and customer satisfaction levels in the steel distribution industry
Our hopes for the birth of a new corporate culture, with the venerable DNA from both Mitsubishi Corporation and Nissho Iwai Corporation (now Sojitz) serving as a stimulus
The company name"Metal One" was chosen from among the ideas submitted throughout the entire company.
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