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Metal One’s Environmental Management Activities
Metal One operates businesses worldwide. To bring about a sustainable society, we will proactively promote environmental management and endeavor to minimize our environmental impact.

Metal One Group Environmental Charter
Conscious of being a “global citizen” as proclaimed in our corporate philosophy, we hereby set forth the Metal One Group environmental charter, manifesting our desire to strive for sustainable social development through corporate activities that are solidly in harmony with our natural environment.
1. Respect the Natural Environment
We will vigilantly endeavor to reduce our environmental impact and protect the environment, as well as to preserve biodiversity.
2. Contribute to Building a Recycling-Oriented Society
We will strive for the sustainable, effective use of resources and energy, and contribute to building a recycling-oriented society.

3. Create and Advance Environmental Values
We will reduce our environmental impact and protect the environment, always striving to create and advance environmental values.

4. Comply with Laws and Rules
We will comply with all environmental laws and regulations, and conduct ourselves in conformity with international codes of conduct.

April 1, 2017
Shuichi Iwata, President & CEO

Metal One's Basic Environmental Management Policy
Basic Philosophy
Metal One Corporation has made responding to global environmental problems one of its top management issues. Based on awareness of the “Global Citizen,” which we have established as one of our corporate philosophies, we strive to preserve the global environment in all aspects of our corporate activities to contribute to sustainable development.
Basic Policy
1. Compliance with environmental laws and regulations
In our corporate activities, we shall comply with national and regional environmental regulations as well as requirements from third parties that we have agreed to fulfill.
2. Consideration for the natural environment
Recognizing that our corporate activities have various environmental repercussions, we shall strive to preserve the natural environment.
Promote environment-friendly business
Make environmental improvements at business investment affiliates
3. Contribution to a recycling society
We shall contribute to creating a sustainable and recycling society in our corporate activities; promote the reduced use, reuse, and recycling of resources and energy; and endeavor to prevent global warming.
Promote efforts to conserve energy and resources
Reduce emissions of greenhouse gases
4. Efforts related to social service activities
We shall contribute to society through efforts related to activities that tie in with environmental improvement and enhanced environmental awareness.
Environmental volunteer activities
5. Continuous development of our environmental management systems
We shall develop environmental management systems based on our Environmental Charter, renew our basic environmental management policy every year, and continue our efforts at environmental management.
6. Education and public relations
Educational efforts shall be undertaken to ensure that all our officers and employees have a deep understanding of global environmental issues as a “Global Citizen” and to promote care for the environment in our corporate activities. While ensuring that all our officers and employees are aware of our Environmental Charter and basic environmental management policy, we shall also publicize both the charter and policy outside the company.

Environmental management activities initiated at the Tokyo headquarters when Metal One was established in 2003, spread to other locations. Eleven locations have received ISO 14001 certification and been registered as of April 2017, namely, Tokyo, Sapporo, Nagoya, Osaka, Himeji, Niigata, Toyama, Hiroshima, Takamatsu, Fukuoka, and Nagasaki. Metal One Group is implementing additional efforts targeted at improving the environment.
Metal One Group has adopted various themes to improve the environment as part of specific efforts based on our environmental policies.
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Metal One Group carries out annual volunteer environmental activities, including planting grass and trees and conducting park and community clean-up campaigns, among other efforts. We will raise Metal One Group employees' awareness of the natural environment through environmental protection efforts. We intend to continue promoting a variety of volunteer environmental efforts nationwide.

Employees from the Tokyo headquarters plant grass and trees
Cleanup campaign conducted by the Osaka Branch
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