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Supply Chain Management
In close collaboration with steelmakers, distribution firms and our own Group companies, we are expanding and strengthening our supply chain through cutting-edge IT-aided logistics. We can also assist our customers in rationalizing their business processes by providing our unique comprehensive capabilities as well as consulting, finance and IT services.
Comprehensive Consulting
We provide valuable information on new metal-related business opportunities and market research findings, in addition to all the latest news, including up-to-date information on the steel and metal markets and future trends. Armed with such information, we offer comprehensive consulting services for the formulation and implementation of action plans to effectively utilize customers'y business resources and strengthen all their business activities.
Strategic Finance
We can provide strategic finance to support the development of new projects by customers through our access to a number of funding sources, one of the unique strengths of an integrated steel trading company. We can propose the optimal funding system for each project, to include creating ways of maximizing cash flow efficiency, and thereby financially support the realization of business opportunities.
IT Solutions
We can propose IT solutions for problems customers may encounter in the process of renovating their operations, as well as for improving productivity and launching new businesses with due consideration for optimizing the supply chain. We can deliver know-how in IT solutions not only in the designing and architecture of a new corporate software system to support decision making and operational efficiency, but also for launching new businesses (such as entering the electronics market).

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