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Wire, Specialty Steel & Stainless Steel Division
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Stainless Steel Dept.
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The Wire, Specialty Steel & Stainless Steel Division conducts business activities in Japan and elsewhere while responding comprehensively to the diverse, sophisticated requirements of customers. To this end, the division works with Group companies that have unparalleled sales capabilities and long histories.

In addition to supplying wire products to wire processing firms both inside and outside of the Metal One Group, the Wire, Specialty Steel & Stainless Steel Division works with Metal One Steel Products Corporation—a core spin-off subsidiary engaged in the sales of wire products—in the wire sector to develop domestic and overseas secondary and tertiary wire product sales.

In the specialty steel sector, the division develops business operations that respond to diverse requirements that customers have for specialty steel and its products by taking advantage of the warehousing, processing, and various other sophisticated functions of Metal One Specialty Steel Corporation, another core spin-off subsidiary engaged in the specialty steel business.

In the stainless steel sector, the division's domestic and overseas network offers customers sophisticated services in a wide spectrum of product sectors, from stainless steel scrap to stainless steel products and titanium products.

Product Lines
○Wire Rod Sector
Wire rods and secondary and tertiary wire rod products
○Specialty Steel Sector
Structural steel, alloy steel, spring steel, ball-bearing steel, specialty steel sheets, free-cutting steel, heat-resistant steel, and tool steel
○Stainless Steel Sector
Stainless steel plates, sheets, strips, pipes, bar steel, shapes, and round bars; stainless steel processed products; stainless steel scrap; and titanium products
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Wire, Specialty Steel & Stainless Steel Division
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