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Business Division C
Energy Project International Business Dept.
Flat Products Global Marketing Dept.
Intíl Infrastructure & Energy Steel Business Dept.
The Business Division C is expanding its steel product and semifinished-product business in the international steel market using Group networks that span the entire globe. At the same time, the division provides optimal solutions in response to various market gaps that occur in steel supply chains overseas.

The Energy Project Business Department handles complete sets of steel pipes, materials, and other equipment used in natural resource energy projects overseas, offering an integrated value chain that extends from the development phase all the way through shipping, refinement, storage, and power generation, and finally delivery to the end user. Capitalizing on its wealth of experience in many large projects and as an integrated steel trading company, the department makes strategic business decisions, including providing composite functions.

The International Infrastructure & Structural Steel Department provides enhanced total solution services that include stable supplies of the various kinds of steel needed to build social infrastructure such as bridges, ports and railroads—mainly in emerging nations and for resource development and the energy sector—as well as related support capabilities.

The Steel Products Export Business Department centers around the export business in Japan and coordinates the provision of steel products to optimally meet the needs of customers worldwide. The department works together with overseas business partners to jointly develop and offer highly functional services.

The Global Marketing Business Department captures global demand for steel—which is primarily rising in emerging nations—and provides overseas customers with solutions designed from the user’s point of view that go one step further.
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