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Business Division B
Steel Sheet Products Planning & Strategy Dept.
Automotive Steel Products Business Dept.
Products for Electrical Industries & Steel Sheet Dept.
Osaka Steel Products Dept.
Nagoya Steel Plate & Sheet Products, Automotive Steel Dept.
Business Division B handles steel sheet varieties for domestic and overseas automotive and electric machinery industries. It also handles steel sheets used as construction materials and in containers and steel furniture. In addition, the division works with secondary distributors, such as secondary wholesalers.

The division provides comprehensive services in the automotive and electric machinery industry sectors, handling everything from distribution to processing and storage. Moreover, it manages the delivery of materials, such as surface-treated steel plates and sheets and electrical steel sheets, for domestic and overseas automotive, electric machinery, and parts makers. Automotive and electric machinery manufacturers continue to grow globally, and the Group has service centers in dozens of locations in Japan, Southeast Asia, China, India, the United States, Mexico, and Brazil, offering customers new, added value by always focusing on competitive services.

In response to the various needs of end users and steel manufacturers, Business Division B offers a diverse array of integrated steel trading company services and capabilities to support customers that are setting up overseas and expanding globally.

Product Lines
○Hot rolled steel plates and sheets
○Cold rolled steel plates and sheets
○Surface-treated steel plates and sheets
○Electrical sheets ○Tinned steel plates and sheets
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