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Business Division A
Steel Plate Dept.
Tubular Products Dept.
Structural Steel & Ferrous Raw Materials Dept.
Osaka Steel Products Dept.
Business Division A handles steel plate and pipe for heavy industries and construction and industrial machinery as well as wide flange beams, bars, and other structural steel for the construction industry, as well as the processed ferrous raw materials used to manufacture these products. The division supplies products to a broad spectrum of customers, including shipbuilders, heavy machinery manufacturers, construction and industrial machinery manufacturers, plant makers, general contractors, and even secondary wholesalers.

Regarding steel plate, the division has built a powerful sales organization to serve customers—primarily shipbuilders, heavy machinery manufacturers, and construction and industrial machinery manufacturers along with secondary wholesalers—offering reliable services that meet customer expectations. Taking advantage of our domestic strengths, we have also set up steel plate processing centers overseas, beefing up our presence as a true insider through carefully adding value tailored to the markets of individual countries.

In the area of steel pipe, with a focus on the Metal One Pipe & Tubular Products Inc.—our core pipe business subsidiary—the division uses warehousing, processing, and other high-value-added capabilities and handles a complete range of pipes and piping materials to meet the various requirements of its diverse customer base. We are also pursuing global expansion as a manufacturer of steel pipe.

Targeting the structural steel market, we supply steel manufacturers with scrap iron—the main element in construction steel products—and sell steel products using the many years of expertise we have cultivated as well as our industry-leading inventory and processing capabilities. The division develops meticulous methods and businesses that are closely linked to the community, underpinned by upstream-to-downstream value chains.

Moreover, by recycling scrap iron, we contribute to the sustainable growth of a recycling-oriented society.

Product Lines
○Heavy and medium plates ○Structural pipes ○Piping materials
○Steel bars ○Wide flange beams ○General steel shapes
○Lightweight steel shapes ○Steel sheet piles ○Steel pipe piles
○Other structural steel ○Processed ferrous raw materials
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