Metal One Proprietary Connections


SUPERMAX-TS / SUPERMAX-TS2 with Torque Shoulder

SUPERMAX-TS [Click a photo]
  1. Interchangeable with SUPERMAX / SUPERMAX2
  2. Coupling with internal shoulder provides:
    - Internally flush to prevent turbulence flow
    - High torque and compression resistance
  3. Size range:
    SUPERMAX-TS : 2-3/8" to 4-1/2"
    SUPERMAX-TS2 : 5” to 7”
  4. Application:
    - Casing or Tubing for deviated hole
    - Low pressure gas well
    - Casing or Tubing for steam injection
  5. Modified Coupling with Non-metallic seal
    Modified coupling with non-metallic resilient seal to enhance gas sealability for SUPERMAX-TS and SUPERMAX-TS2 is available.

PDF File

  • Available size Geometry (imperial)
  • Performance Properties (imperial)
  • Field Running Procedures
  • Available size Geometry (metric)
  • Performance Properties (metric)
  • Field Inspection Procedures

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