Metal One Proprietary Connections


Feature of Flushmax-II / Flushmax III

FLUSHMAX-II [Click a photo]
  1. Available size:
    FLUSHMAX-Ⅱ4-1/2” – 7”, 8TPI
    FLUSHMAX-Ⅲ7-5/8” – 13-3/8” , 5TPI
  2. Completely flush OD & ID
  3. Thread seal connection:
    Same thread form as SUPERMAX
    2° load and 45° stabbing angle
  4. Tension : Connection yield load is 60% of the pipe body yield load
  5. Compression: more than 60% of pipe body yield
  6. Internal pressure: 80% of pipe body internal yield pressure
  7. Collapse: API Collapse pressure
  8. Application:
    1) Liner or slotted liner
    2) Wash pipe for gravel packing
    3) Casing repair

PDF File

  • Available size Geometry (imperial)
  • Performance Properties (imperial)
  • Running Procedures English Spanish English Spanish
  • Available size Geometry (metric)
  • Performance Properties (metric)
  • Inspection Procedures

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